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Why should I buy/sell property through Propertymirchi ?

Our statements, testimonies and credibility is the answer for you. We are a group work on business principles looking for a long lasting relationship.

What if I want to buy/sell a property ?

Just login into our website and provide your details, our customer care executive will be touch with you quickly or call us for quicker response.

Can we buy a property with group of friends ?

Yes, as per Indian law you can buy property with a group of friends and it is part of our services. Our experienced in-house solicitors ensure property is legally registered between the partners. We have huge list of individuals/group of people who always look for partners to buy a properties like bulk agricultural lands to form layouts, land for apartments, commercial complex etc. Discuss with our customer care representative for more information.

How can I know the legality of my property documents ?

No worry. By default every property we refer will go through stringent legal checks by in-house experienced solicitors. You have access to legal opinion report prior to the agreement.

Timelines to sell the property ?

Our well-knit network and customer service consultants will be active on the assignment. We will not leave any stones unturned to achieve the goal

What amount should I pay to seller at the time of agreement?

The amount to be paid at the time of agreement can be discussed and finalized directly with the buyer and seller. Generally its 1/4th of the property price. Ex: 10lakhs for 40lakhs property

Timelines for the registration after the agreement

Its what agreed during the agreement between buyer and seller.

Can I buy and register a property without my presence ?

Yes, you can buy and register a property without your presence through power of attorney. This service is exclusively free for our customers.

Can I sell my property without my presence ?

No, you cannot sell your property without your presence unless a power of attorney is registered with someone of your choice

Do you manage my property ?

Currently We manage empty lands. Contact us for more info.

Can I get bank loan to buy a property ?

Yes, we tied up with all the corporate and nationalized banks ICICI, HDFC,SBI,Vijaya Bank etc… all our customers gets the loan sanctioned in short period of time, helps to secure the desired/dream property.

Can you help to sell my property for the best price ?

We will use all our might to get you the best price for your property. But our aim is not to mislead our buyers with unrealistic prices. Hence we assess the market price and get you the best deal.                      

I am not finding properties as per my desire (or) Do you have properties available out of the site ?

Yes. We have a huge list of properties in offline are not uploaded to the portal for a Various reasons like legal verification/Discussions with seller is in progress/customer asked us to keep the data confidential not to upload to portal/customer ask us to market from particular date,  etc….

We strongly advice our customers to call us for the desired property list.

I am an NRI visiting India to buy a property, how propertymirchi can help ?

Yes Certainly. Our primary focus is to help NRIs and India Residents buy/sell the properties remotely in timely manner. Even though we always have list of properties for showcase, we strongly recommend individual to provide property requirements well in advance (1 week-month), helps us to address your needs accordingly. This is the area where NRI’s generally get caught choosing the wrong properties by hurrying their desire of investing property and end up in legal issues at later stage. We help you to overcome all these hurdles.

Can I get bank loan on any property that I am willing to buy?

NRI’s are eligible to avail bank loan for majority of property type with some exceptions on agricultural & commercial lands and is again  depends on bank policies. We assess the best fit for your requirements and direct to the right banks.

Is propertymirchi had tie up with any banks?

We work with all corporate and nationalized banks to speed up the process of availing home/land loan to all of our customers.

Can you market a property that is in minor dispute if we offer more comission ?

No. We don’t market/list/refer disputed properties to our valuable buyers. We completely avoid the tasks that impact our relation/trust with our customers.

***Properties will be  marketed / referred to our customers only when it passes the legal checks from our solicitors. It is exclusively FREE service to our customers

I decided to leverage propertymirch services. What happens next ?

non-refundable payment of 5000INR is mandatory prior to scheduling the field visits and It will be deducted from the agreed commission.

Legal opnion is part of propertymirchi service. Do I still need to approach my own solicitor?

Pre Legal checks/Legal opinion is an exclusive benefit for propertymirchi customers. Even though we make sure the documents are legal, we recommend to take  2nd opinion for additional satisfaction.

Can you help us to buy a property for the best price?

It is very difficult to balance the desire between buyer & seller. Ex    If property value is 20lakhs, buyer expect a deal at  15lakh J ,  where in seller want hike at 25lakh J . This is why we go by current market price and intimate same to the both parties and get the deal through in balanced manner. If seller has immediate need of sale, such cases we can negotiate a best deal for the buyers.

Our charges

We charge 1% on total property value. Ex: If property value is 10Lakh, our charges are 10,000INR.

It includes free legal opinion/certificate from our solicitor, Revenue checks, Power of attorney, Bank loan processing, etc…

When to pay the the comission to agency ?

80% of the agreed commission is on the day of agreement. Rest is on agreed registration date.

What are the Locations that we deal with?

In & Around Andhra Pradesh

Amaravathi - the new capital of Andhra Pradesh

Vijayawada, Tenali, Guntur and nearby towns – CRDA regions

Vizag (Vishakhapatnam), Trirupathi, Kakinada – Smart Cities in Andhra Pradesh

Bangalore – Smart cities in India. 

***Our services will soon be expanded to other smart cities in india

Can you guarantee the property you list would be doubled in profits in short span of time?

We have team of professionals 24/7 356 days in sync with the developments happening in and around the specified locations who asses the market trends and identify projects in high appreciation areas. It’s very difficult for one to guarantee the level of growth on invested property because it depends on infinite factors (Growth in the area, political uncertainty, sanctioned projects delay etc…).  

all the important checks ( Legal/Revenue, Right property section ,etc…)  one should take before buying a property would be covered part of our services, which in turn helps customer to avoid dead investments and choose the properties that have study growth over a period of time.

Can I get bank loan to buy empty residential/commercial land ?

Yes. Our representatives can help and direct you to the right bank that can grant a Loan.

Do we work with local non registered agencies/part time agencies who deal with properties?

Yes we do. To gain access to the properties all around the cities is not a small task. We need a support from all our counterparts. But we are pretty much strict and no compromise on filtering process / legal checks that we guarantee to our customers. Hence at any given point of time our promises to customers on our services are never compromised.

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